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queen of procrastination

March 25, 2008

habits die hard. 4 more obstacles in my way to freedom. or on a more short term view, 2 more projects to be cleared before studying can begin. Yet I find myself lost in the riveting online world during classes…

And while everyone around me find themselves pressed for time, I am unmoved. I think my time management skills have improved greatly over the sems, but this sem just feels extraordrinarily quiet, and vaguely empty. Perhaps due to courses that are front end heavy. Its just clearing 1 mini deadline after another, like jumping many hurdles in timed precision.

Now to enjoy the lull before the final barrage sets in, and to put in decent efforts in order to wrap everything up with a bang!!


Life of an Intern

June 18, 2007

I’m too tired to write anything coherent here. But let’s just say, I know I’ll definitely learn alot during this stint. Although, the past few months of happy holidaying really made me rusty, my brain was seriously in slow-mo processing mode this morning. Guess the only gripe is that I’ve got to put in loooooooooooooooong hours for peanuts. On the bright side, its just 2 months! yay.

small victories

May 17, 2007

Whee. okay well the gd news is that the company actually responded to my cold-mail. =) yay.
now keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be accepted as an intern. Please please pretty please.

and.. the tuition kid got 84/100 for science ! Well, 83.5 if you wish to be anal about it.
so happy, I’m glad to know that at least I have been of some positive influence. Well, happy enough to give her a holiday this wk anyhows. waha.

Shooting Stars

April 24, 2007

Maybe its that capricornian trait of ambitiousness, or maybe its new challenges I’m seeking.
The internships I’ve applied for so far are a tad beyond my grasp, yet alluring because of that.
Fingers crossed for the best outcomes!

Speaking of which, I really really feel like taking up a new language… Its a good time as any and I should use this distraction-free week away from the bf to really plan the rest of my university coursework and read up!

    Summer Hols To Dos

1. Secure an internship ASAP.
To keep the enthusiasm burning, and show utmost discipline in not procrastinating from CV and cover letter writing!

2. Chart out Course Progression for the remaining sems

3. Explore Exchange options

4. Sign up for a foreign Language Class

5. Ensure tutee does well for SA1

6. Read the papers daily
the perennial resolution.

7. Watch lotsa DVDS

8. Maybe a holiday interspersed somewhere

2days more

January 10, 2007

zzz. waiting for the dear bf to call. hahah. weird. i’m just addicted, to having our nightly phone conversations before bed. its as though something’s missing if i dont get to do that.

2 days more and i hit the official age of adulthood. i’m still me, but hoping to be less of a drifter in life. Today’s FT class was a sobering one, it opened my mind and eyes as to what its really like in the corporate world. As our instructor stated, the world’s not fair. People with better looks, get ahead. People with good networking skills, get ahead. People who are able to think on their feet, to speak as though they know what they’re talking about, get ahead. Networking, politicking, image, personal branding and such.

One of the main reasons why I chose SMoo (names shall be changed to protect the innocent) was that i knew i’d undergo this sort of polishing, soft skills I know at the momment which I dont have the finesse for, and would come in really handy in the future, be it at the workplace, or just the various relationships you have with people in life.

And i guess yes, my darling self, its right about time i start planning my career. Passion, where art thou? I’ve a feeling that deep down, I might already know my calling, just refusing to accept it for the momment.

f-ed up. and fed up

December 6, 2006

I’m slowly but surely edged out of the rat race. My friggin’ crappy results are giving me a headache. I’m not meant for this place am I? Is it that difficult really? Because every step I take I seem to be moving backwards, while others seem to be sailing ahead. And seriously, its not because of lack of effort put in.

I think its abt time I focus and start finding the shortest route out.