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femur fracture

July 21, 2011

That’s what happened to my ah gong when he slipped and fell in the bathroom this morning. between 8am and 3pm – the time when my grandma panicked and called us. The maids looking after him did not raise the alarm which was why we only knew of the accident later that day.

I knew the pain was excruciating and honestly my grand-dad is 1 tough cookie -to bear the pain silently for the next few hours, which was why he only told popo so late. The family was mobilized & those who were available went to my grandma’s. We rallied to get him to the hospital quick & get an x-ray done.

My 3rd aunt took half day off work, cabbed down and made the arrangements. Being the nurse of the family, she bascially took charge, and, through her network very efficiently got the ambulance, scheduled the x-ray and the orthopaedic doctor. I am so glad and thankful that we have her around, truly the ‘unsung’ hero of the family!!

First challenge was getting him on the stretcher of the ambulance without injuring him further – this the ambulance guys did with panache, but thanks to the presence of both my 2nd & 5th uncles, smoothened the process with additional manpower.

2nd challenge was the lack of rooms – he only wanted a single bed one, so my aunt somehow managed to wrangle 1 from the paediatric ward.

Here, I’d really like to commend the hospital staff on their flexibility – although there was a miscomm initially and we experienced a slight delay admitting my ah gong into the room, they did well with their bedside manner and showed great care towards my granddad and the family, explaining clearly what the next steps were to us.

Here’s where it all fits, I am thinking about doing Occupational Therapy, and well, I am listening to you and hear your hint loud and clear really. I’ll definitely take steps to speak more to the nurses there and find out where I can do to snag a P. OT job shadowing stint.

I bascially, observed. and took this as a learning experience, with elderly in the family, it sometimes is tough. And a fall has large ramnifications due to the longer time it takes for them to heal, & the fact that complications may occur along the way. Also, with ah gong being ah gong, he was headstrong as usual. I’m glad to see his spirits up, actually. He was rather vocal about NOT wanting an operation. To me that’s a good sign, the ability to express your thoughts in a coherent manner. & he said that he was afraid – “Mai, wa kia…”

It’s heartbreaking to see him in pain. Please let him recover soon. I have full faith that he will be strong and get through this!!! ah gong, jia you, your sons, daughters, sons and daughters-in-law, grandchildren & greatgrandchildren will be by your side!


these dreams, they’re made of paper butterfly wings

November 15, 2009

It struck me that I haven’t written in awhile. Life’s somewhat settled into a routine. Comfortable, safe, boring. Am recalling those times I felt so alive, and know that while I am a creature of comfort, I seek the occasional adventure. I love the heightened sensations of experiencing a different place for the first time. Instantly, I’m brought back to my memories of exchange, visiting, exploring, hungrily devouring the sights, sounds, the food of each new place. Or back on campus, making a life for myself and just running daily errands – doing the laundry, visiting the grocery, helping out in the kitchen, while 4-5 hungry bellies wait in anticipation as to what our resident chef could whip up. ah, that was what life can be, or should be if I’m not so spoilt here in sg.

I know I need to break free from this complacence, to step up to the mantle and want more out of myself, do the things I want to do, while I am still young and definitely capable of achieving much more. I guess starting’s always tough, but we all need to start somewhere, anyhow. Nevertheless, I’m grateful, to the opportunities I’ve been given, and the friends that I’ve made along the way.

my bachelorette pad

November 12, 2008

him ” when are you coming back?”
me ” hmm. *counts* abt 7 weekends more?”
me ” so are you sad that i’m coming back soon?
him ” hmm yaa. i’m enjoying my life as a single now, darn, why are u coming back so soon dear?”
notices my messy room
him ” why’s your room so messy?”
me ” because i’m a bachelorette and its a bachelorette pad.”
him ” NoO, that’s a pigsty.”

he cracks me up all the time. =D

time of your life

August 19, 2008

” It’s something unpredictable, but in the end its right, I hope you’ve had the time of your life.” Or so Greenday says.

This summer probably trumps all other summers I’ve had in my uni life thus far.

First up, the internship
I honestly enjoyed my internship with JP. I had wonderful colleagues, colleagues who were ever willing to reach out to you, entertain your qns, even though they probably had 12313434 things to do on hand. I also had a very lovable bunch of interns for company. We worked hard alongside each other, partied, laughed. All these people, with whom without, there’d probably be half the joy to share with.

the sunny island holiday @ Rawa Island
Agreeing to go on this trip for this never heard of island with the bf was definitely worth the 3 hour bumpy journey there. There’s just 1 resort on this tiny island, and the waters are invitingly sparkling clear. You don’t even have to swim up to the corals, the fishes swim right up to the shore during high tide! Peacocks stroll around the beaches nonchalantly. We kayaked, snorkelled, took lotsa photographs. Just wish I had more time on the island to laze around. The 1 night stay was just too darn short!

Go-Karting @ JB
I am the slowest go-karter around. Probably has to do with me using the brakes more than accelerating. And I had the WORST LOOKING GO-KART EVAR. But it was fun nevertheless, and the boys’ personalities shone through with their attempts at being fast and furious.

Shopping in Hong Kong
Oh gosh. I shopped till I dropped there, literally. Nevermind that it was the most eventful trip I had. Day 1 of our arrival, there was a Level 8 typhoon raging. Our plane landing consisted of a few sudden dips, it was really almost barf inducing. To our dismay and consternation, the shops were mostly closed that day. Day 2, kickstarted the day yum-cha-ing at a dimsum restaurant. Then a trip to H&M where we spent a significant portion of time.

As whiny as a creaky bicycle

May 3, 2008

The bf and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary cycling in ubin. Not exactly what I had in mind initially, but my suggestion of visiting the Escape theme park at Downtown East was sadly vetoed!! Ah well, it was tiringly fun, you should have seen me attempting to ride up the slopes, I almost went backwards. Am definitely not as fit as I was back in those JC days, when I last visited with josh, ching and co. after our prelims. So throughout the journey I was as whiny as my creaky bike, whilst secretly enjoying the change of scenery and the wind in my hair as I whizzed down the slopes.

Thrill me to the toes.

August 22, 2007

Life has to be more exciting than this! Sometimes I wonder what I’m missing out on. Just catching the kids on stage, watching them belt out those mandarin pop songs, au naturel. I would love to just sit there in quiet awe, simply enjoying someone’s husky vocals, live. Or experience the andrenaline of being on stage.

Or take a roller coaster ride
Or go hot air ballooning
Or do para-gliding
Or bodyboard again…

another time, another day, another place

August 19, 2007

So. Summer has flown past and the mayhem of school will begin in about 10 hours.

I’ve survived my internship, met new people and made new friends whom i’ve otherwise wldn’t have not known, scurrying abt and living those intense deadlines together. I’ve a new msn grp marked crabby sandwich to show for it, and emerged a little wiser. It was an awakening I guess, that shook me out of my comfortable little world to the awareness of responsiblity, pre-empting and anticipating the next move, how to read the signs right and to be pay extra attention to the finer details. I learnt all right,and enjoyed the process.

Bintan trip with the bf was good, a well-deserved leisurely break from not thinking and doing anything much but just enjoying each other’s company-with perhaps the most difficult of decisions being, ” what shall we eat today? ” Aye, I love beach holidays, simply following the routine of swimming ,eating, sleeping for those 2 glorious days. =) Rented a buggy too, which I parked precisely in a lot ! He laughs at me for merely being a good buggy driver. If only they make cars that small! But honestly, it has been at least 1/2 a year since I last drove, and that doesnt do wonders to your confidence.

That pretty much sums the later part of my summer hols up.


May 6, 2007

Sembawang Park
If i could paint a picture of a perfect day… It would be a nice airy morning, a cottage by the sea, and just me walking on the nice white sand along the beach, slowly feeling the warmth seeping into your toes from the sand.

mmm. I’m dreamy. and content. never been so for awhile actually, I have sorta come to understand its futile to fight against yourself, to yearn and wish that things are different. Just… go with the flow and live while you’re doing so.

And I’m glad the boy & I are good together again. The past 2 days have been a lovely traipse accross Singapore, foodie hunt to Blooie’s Roadhouse at Siglap, Beef Kway Teow at Geylang’s Lorong 9, frolicking at the peaceful Sembawang Park, borrowing books & comics from Queenstown’s library. And me going all giggly and out of character last night playing the dice game to my half a pint of Stella Artois, t’was fun, the bf has nice friends.

I finished Tuesdays with Morrie, a heartwarming book, that shares many pertinent life lessons. But I find Morrie’s philosophies on life a tad too good to be true, to me at least. Although I suppose, when you are staring at death in the face your priorities in life become totally different. I am but just your regular cynical urbane soul, filling up my life with material needs and wants, and always in pursuit of something better ahead. Lately however, life has slowed to a really comfortable pace ,owing to my lack of employment.

As usual, I’m getting restless and would love to be interning like the rest of my college mates. BUT for the fact that I have eased into this carefree lifestyle. The tension of opposites, as so aptly named in the book. But not to fret, yes, I’ll definitely keep to my promise of continuing to apply for positions and be enthusiastic about what I’m offered.

Little Ironies and the 1 year bash.

May 1, 2007

“i’ve alot to tell you actually, you sure you want to sleep?”
Am 1 zonked out girl. Chatted till 4am w jh last night cos he had some interesting news to share. =)Well, am really happy for him. It’s interesting how there are so many similarities in his story to mine.Maybe he can look at us and see where he’ll be in 1 year’s time. hur hur.

And the jqsr relationship turned 1 on labour day !!
We cycled at the ECP in the rain. Which sounds a tad romantic but not really, it is annoying when you are sharing the path with a hundred other cyclists, and, with the raindrops splattering into your eyes. The fun bit was clambering up the sandbar to enjoy the seabreeze, which I had abit of problems trying to get up there really. They never seemed so high when I was younger !!

On our way to Blooie’s
Dinner was at Blooie’s Roadhouse, this breezy little australian pub tucked in a residential alcove in Siglap. Lovely little place this was, serves yummilicious huuuuge burgers and other western fare. We shared Clam Chowder, NZ mussels simmered in white wine and capsicums and a Cheese Bacon Mushroom Burger. Oh, plus a lychee margarita and a hoegarden each. *smacks lips* .
Marg and Hoegarden

Then we caught Spiderman 3. Too many bad guys in the story methinks, Spidey’s spreading himself too thin. All in all, pretty much an enjoyable day.

More 21st parties !

April 6, 2007

Clara’s at Clark Quay
Clara’s Cupcakes

I blinked in all my photos with them, sadly. oh the woe of having small eyes. =p

This year has been relatively fun, with all those 21st parties interspersed amidst all the studying and projects. These celebrations
make life a little less dreary, and they are always the perfect excuse to catch up with all your friends. Hmm… What about everyone’s sentiments about hitting the official age of adulthood? The reponses range from “No difference”, to the sobering “It’s really here, I’m not quite ready for this.” For me, its also the sobering realization that there’s so much more I have to take charge of, that I am no longer concooned in the blissful ignorance of childhood, that I should know better and be beyond the rebellious years of teenhood, and that there are so many things I’ve yet to try out. I resolve to shake off that jadedness and embrace life more fully !

Huishan and ZW’s at Cafe Del Maar
Cafe Del Maar
My lovely clique, 4th year in the running!
all the lovely ladies

I like the ambience, but the food’s not fantastic. You find yourself immersed in this surreal beachfront setting of flashing coloured lights reflecting off the palm trees, pumping house music and beautiful people. Its the epitome of casual chic, everyone dresses down , yet look hot. There was this fashion event the night we went, which also made for pretty interesting people watching. Thanks to the birthday boy and girl for the treat!