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gd ol’ plaid

February 9, 2008

I’ve taken a liking to checkered shirts lately. I’ve yet to get one, but am really tempted to buy it! Topshop’s selling theirs for a whooping 73 bucks and the one at Miss Selfridge is around that price too. *bang bang* is that daylight robbery or what.

The weird thing is, I NEVER liked that print, because I’ve always felt that its dowdy looking, and too farmboy(girl)/cowboy(girl) for my taste. Why oh why do such whims strike me outta the blue!

Right NOW though, I’m loving that laid-back, tomboy vibes it gives.
plaid plaid plaid

a dress version.
the checkered dress

and last but not least, the most classic of them all plaids : Burberry
dinky dawgs
Awww. Ain’t it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Tres jolie!



the right to happy feet

December 18, 2007

A Woman’s Right to Shoes
Carrie : It’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes — that’s why you sometimes need really special shoes!

When it comes to shoes, the feet know it best. Like how mine practically delved into this pair of running shoes, which had me jumping up and down in them gleefully when I tried them on. Happy feet.

And another incident quite some time ago, where I passed by a Birkenstocks store and dropped in to slip one of the sandals on. My feet practically sighed for joy. The sis eventually ordered 2 pairs online, but sadly mine was a size too big, and not too comfy either. I guess that only comes after you’ve worn them long enough?

I acknowledge that I haven’t been too kind to my feet. There are the many pairs of cheap pretty shoes that give abrasions and/or blisters which I sometimes wear. A few pairs of expensive pretty shoes, which look gorgeous, but again, seldom worn.

And my once-pretty but trusty slippers that practically go everywhere with me, which my french teacher calls the thong de luxe or, luxurious slipper cos of the colourful stones on them. I was rather amused by that.

So what’s it with women and shoes? Enough is never enough, and we fall in love with different pair after different pair, to match non-existent outifts we may have. While comfort is usually a priority, every now and then I get seduced by something totally impractical. Just ask ms dusty green espadrilles lying under my keyboard. Those were bought about 2 years back, and nope, haven’t worn them.

Shoes are so important to women, cos it is our feet that carry us through life’s journeys. Be it that sparkly pair of heels for prom, those serious black pumps for the office, or the quirky ones for casual hang-outs with friends, or the tatty ones worn everywhere. No outfit is really complete unless one has the right shoes to match, which is why women can never have enough shoes!


October 17, 2007

I do realize that my blog contents have degenerated. Right here, right now, this is my dress of desire.
oogle oogle oogle. Pity its a little outta budget. =/


My Garskin

October 11, 2007

Accompanying the bf to sim lim so he could build a new computer from scratch led me to buying some new clothes for my laptop. Here’s the design:


Pretty aint it? It didnt come cheap though, but I am loving it cos seeing it brings a smile on my face each time.
Visit their website for more designs.
I was really tempted to get the disney ones, esp pooh bear!

Disney Princess Wedding Collection

May 9, 2007

Every little girl harbours the dream of being a disney princess. Throw in the typical ingredients of your magical fairytale plot: the kindhearted beautiful protagonist, the handsome prince and the happily ever afters and you get a recipe for a warped perception of romance. There are only that many princes to go around anyway, and after awhile, happily ever after tends to happily never after.

For that BIG day of your life however, Disney promises to whisk you to the land of magical fairy godmothers, flying carpets and glass slippers, prince charming not included. It’s a brilliant idea really, which makes you wonder why they never thought of it earlier. Afterall, who better to endorse wedding gowns than the Disney Princess?

Here are a few of my favourites from the collection:
This gorgeous layered piece is probably most similar to Belle’s gown in beauty and the beast !

Belle 2
Belle inspired with rosettes, in champagne

Sleeping Beauty
Simple, sweet, elegant, just like Sleeping Beauty.

Well, my favourite princesses are actually Ariel and Jasmine, but find both collections a tad lacking in capturing the playful and colourful spirit of the 2 princesses.

check the rest out Disney Bridal