femur fracture

That’s what happened to my ah gong when he slipped and fell in the bathroom this morning. between 8am and 3pm – the time when my grandma panicked and called us. The maids looking after him did not raise the alarm which was why we only knew of the accident later that day.

I knew the pain was excruciating and honestly my grand-dad is 1 tough cookie -to bear the pain silently for the next few hours, which was why he only told popo so late. The family was mobilized & those who were available went to my grandma’s. We rallied to get him to the hospital quick & get an x-ray done.

My 3rd aunt took half day off work, cabbed down and made the arrangements. Being the nurse of the family, she bascially took charge, and, through her network very efficiently got the ambulance, scheduled the x-ray and the orthopaedic doctor. I am so glad and thankful that we have her around, truly the ‘unsung’ hero of the family!!

First challenge was getting him on the stretcher of the ambulance without injuring him further – this the ambulance guys did with panache, but thanks to the presence of both my 2nd & 5th uncles, smoothened the process with additional manpower.

2nd challenge was the lack of rooms – he only wanted a single bed one, so my aunt somehow managed to wrangle 1 from the paediatric ward.

Here, I’d really like to commend the hospital staff on their flexibility – although there was a miscomm initially and we experienced a slight delay admitting my ah gong into the room, they did well with their bedside manner and showed great care towards my granddad and the family, explaining clearly what the next steps were to us.

Here’s where it all fits, I am thinking about doing Occupational Therapy, and well, I am listening to you and hear your hint loud and clear really. I’ll definitely take steps to speak more to the nurses there and find out where I can do to snag a P. OT job shadowing stint.

I bascially, observed. and took this as a learning experience, with elderly in the family, it sometimes is tough. And a fall has large ramnifications due to the longer time it takes for them to heal, & the fact that complications may occur along the way. Also, with ah gong being ah gong, he was headstrong as usual. I’m glad to see his spirits up, actually. He was rather vocal about NOT wanting an operation. To me that’s a good sign, the ability to express your thoughts in a coherent manner. & he said that he was afraid – “Mai, wa kia…”

It’s heartbreaking to see him in pain. Please let him recover soon. I have full faith that he will be strong and get through this!!! ah gong, jia you, your sons, daughters, sons and daughters-in-law, grandchildren & greatgrandchildren will be by your side!


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