each step i make.

So, I’ve been reading “The Secret” lately, and find myself believing what’s written, that you can achieve your utmost desire as long as you think and believe in it.

I left my job at the bank, and while some of my colleagues and friends and family can’t fathom why or how since it was a great place to start & indeed, I am truly grateful having been given lots of opportunities to grow & learn.

Even I can’t describe why or how, but there is a force propelling me towards something else. I’ve taken a few days to mull over it, and well, there were times when I’m still procrastinating intrinsically. But at least I’ve narrowed it down to a few options and the next steps I need is just to bascially find. out. more. Network, ask questions, go out there and experience it.

that said. I am thankful. thank you (=


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