these dreams, they’re made of paper butterfly wings

It struck me that I haven’t written in awhile. Life’s somewhat settled into a routine. Comfortable, safe, boring. Am recalling those times I felt so alive, and know that while I am a creature of comfort, I seek the occasional adventure. I love the heightened sensations of experiencing a different place for the first time. Instantly, I’m brought back to my memories of exchange, visiting, exploring, hungrily devouring the sights, sounds, the food of each new place. Or back on campus, making a life for myself and just running daily errands – doing the laundry, visiting the grocery, helping out in the kitchen, while 4-5 hungry bellies wait in anticipation as to what our resident chef could whip up. ah, that was what life can be, or should be if I’m not so spoilt here in sg.

I know I need to break free from this complacence, to step up to the mantle and want more out of myself, do the things I want to do, while I am still young and definitely capable of achieving much more. I guess starting’s always tough, but we all need to start somewhere, anyhow. Nevertheless, I’m grateful, to the opportunities I’ve been given, and the friends that I’ve made along the way.


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