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the perfect weekend

July 27, 2009

Friday night date at La Cantina in Venezia of Changi Village Hotel. I’d been angling to try the food there for ages, and agreed that I’d treat the bf when my first pay came in. The Linguine Al Granchio (crabmeat linguine) was to. die. for. Super duper happy with the generous chunks of crabmeat in my pasta, I was grinning throughout the meal. Unfortunately though, the space in my tummy was limited and after the appetizer I was semi-full. I couldn’t finish the hefty portion and could only watch regretfully as the waiter cleared my plate away. ( SUCH A WASTE!) My mind was screaming, but I thought it might be unbecoming if I requested to take-away the remnants. Anyway, I’m very much poorer now and can prob only afford to have plain water for lunch for the rest of the month.

My money management skills are rather questionable right now. Although I’m not the type who spends uncontrollably on accessories or clothes, just meeting up with friends for dinner or drinks set me back by too much each time, something I find a struggle to sustain with the amount I earn as a trainee. urgh. So the plan is to embark on an austerity campaign and learn to turn down such invitations, and prob end up with well, no friends. RESTRAINT IS KEY.

Anyway, on to more delightful matters. A close sec school friend got married on saturday, and boy was she beautifully lovely on her big day. My friends and I were drooling over the wedding shots. Both her and her hubby make such a fine looking couple, to the extent that their wedding photos could be easily mistaken for professional commercials. I can so totally imagine them in an advertisement for De Beers/ lifestyle condominiums etc. As can be imagined, being the first of the flock to enter marriagehood, this wedding was the event of the year and widely anticipated amongst us. It was touching, to hear the pride in the groom’s voice when he introduced her as his wife, the teasing, before proceeding to drive her to tears with a hearfelt speech of his love for her. There was nary a dry eye amongst us bridesmaids, and yes, am truly happy that she found her Mr Right. Beautiful weddings always end on a wistful note, leaving people yearning for more. While it marks the new beginning for the next chapter that is to come in the lives of the new couple. For the attendees, questions like, who’ll be next for instance? Or will I ever find that someone, and be as happy as them? float in their minds.

Life moves in mysterious ways, and so it had to be, that our first class gathering of sorts took place 7 years after our classmate’s wedding. The rest of us girls adjourned to White Rabbit at dempsey. We were a rowdy raucous bunch, not much different from 7 years ago. It was good catching up, sharing the girly details of our lives.