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my bachelorette pad

November 12, 2008

him ” when are you coming back?”
me ” hmm. *counts* abt 7 weekends more?”
me ” so are you sad that i’m coming back soon?
him ” hmm yaa. i’m enjoying my life as a single now, darn, why are u coming back so soon dear?”
notices my messy room
him ” why’s your room so messy?”
me ” because i’m a bachelorette and its a bachelorette pad.”
him ” NoO, that’s a pigsty.”

he cracks me up all the time. =D


cheap thrill

November 8, 2008

Logged onto itunes only to discover the shared library folder. thank you emmy emmy emma, whoever you are. your song collection rocks my socks totally! something tells me that i’ll be an itunes convert from now on.