time of your life

” It’s something unpredictable, but in the end its right, I hope you’ve had the time of your life.” Or so Greenday says.

This summer probably trumps all other summers I’ve had in my uni life thus far.

First up, the internship
I honestly enjoyed my internship with JP. I had wonderful colleagues, colleagues who were ever willing to reach out to you, entertain your qns, even though they probably had 12313434 things to do on hand. I also had a very lovable bunch of interns for company. We worked hard alongside each other, partied, laughed. All these people, with whom without, there’d probably be half the joy to share with.

the sunny island holiday @ Rawa Island
Agreeing to go on this trip for this never heard of island with the bf was definitely worth the 3 hour bumpy journey there. There’s just 1 resort on this tiny island, and the waters are invitingly sparkling clear. You don’t even have to swim up to the corals, the fishes swim right up to the shore during high tide! Peacocks stroll around the beaches nonchalantly. We kayaked, snorkelled, took lotsa photographs. Just wish I had more time on the island to laze around. The 1 night stay was just too darn short!

Go-Karting @ JB
I am the slowest go-karter around. Probably has to do with me using the brakes more than accelerating. And I had the WORST LOOKING GO-KART EVAR. But it was fun nevertheless, and the boys’ personalities shone through with their attempts at being fast and furious.

Shopping in Hong Kong
Oh gosh. I shopped till I dropped there, literally. Nevermind that it was the most eventful trip I had. Day 1 of our arrival, there was a Level 8 typhoon raging. Our plane landing consisted of a few sudden dips, it was really almost barf inducing. To our dismay and consternation, the shops were mostly closed that day. Day 2, kickstarted the day yum-cha-ing at a dimsum restaurant. Then a trip to H&M where we spent a significant portion of time.


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