Is being busy the new free?

Aye pardon the lack of grammatical sense, but I’m back to kick ass!!! The past post-exam weeks have been a whir of absolutely lovely, horrible, boring, infruriating momments rolled up into a sushi. (Did I just say sushi?) Maybe cos I’m craving for some. The rain spoilt most of the plans though, but there were a few major highlights: a pretty damsel-ish cream and pastel blue butterfly sleeves top from far east, board gaming at minds cafe, lamb chop @ botak jones (which was so lip-smackingly delicious I’ve now declared myself a huge fan) and the mad rush of shopping to prep the bf for his euro backpacking trip.

Just sent him off at the airport today, I’m so gonna miss the boy loads!!! I’m partly envious (I wish I cld be packed into his backpack) and partly happy for him too cos I believe that everyone deserves to go on an adventure of their lifetime some time some day. Mine will come soon too, I’m sure of that. =)

Anyway, to make it snappy, I’ve discovered, to my utmost horror, ALL my friends are working this winter break. Even though it is at most a puny 4 wks long. WHY? Well this is not counting those who’re off overseas on their holidays, which makes me ponder, and fret a little about how should I maximize my days such that time will not wisp through my fingers! I want to meet up with everyone I havent seen in ages, exercise loads and get back into shape, but its not fun doing such stuff on your own!

2 weeks till the family trip to yunnan. 2 weeks to recharge, rejuvenate, catch up with the loved ones and rethink about my place in life.


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