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October 17, 2007

I do realize that my blog contents have degenerated. Right here, right now, this is my dress of desire.
oogle oogle oogle. Pity its a little outta budget. =/



My Garskin

October 11, 2007

Accompanying the bf to sim lim so he could build a new computer from scratch led me to buying some new clothes for my laptop. Here’s the design:


Pretty aint it? It didnt come cheap though, but I am loving it cos seeing it brings a smile on my face each time.
Visit their website for more designs.
I was really tempted to get the disney ones, esp pooh bear!

Spice Girls !!!

October 6, 2007

or rather, spice mummies now. But boy do they bring back fond memories of lil girls prancing in front of the telly and singing along to the songs. and rapping too. teehee. old school!