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sneeze fits.

August 28, 2007

I’ve been sneezing the whole day again. *sniffles* its tiring.


Thrill me to the toes.

August 22, 2007

Life has to be more exciting than this! Sometimes I wonder what I’m missing out on. Just catching the kids on stage, watching them belt out those mandarin pop songs, au naturel. I would love to just sit there in quiet awe, simply enjoying someone’s husky vocals, live. Or experience the andrenaline of being on stage.

Or take a roller coaster ride
Or go hot air ballooning
Or do para-gliding
Or bodyboard again…

another time, another day, another place

August 19, 2007

So. Summer has flown past and the mayhem of school will begin in about 10 hours.

I’ve survived my internship, met new people and made new friends whom i’ve otherwise wldn’t have not known, scurrying abt and living those intense deadlines together. I’ve a new msn grp marked crabby sandwich to show for it, and emerged a little wiser. It was an awakening I guess, that shook me out of my comfortable little world to the awareness of responsiblity, pre-empting and anticipating the next move, how to read the signs right and to be pay extra attention to the finer details. I learnt all right,and enjoyed the process.

Bintan trip with the bf was good, a well-deserved leisurely break from not thinking and doing anything much but just enjoying each other’s company-with perhaps the most difficult of decisions being, ” what shall we eat today? ” Aye, I love beach holidays, simply following the routine of swimming ,eating, sleeping for those 2 glorious days. =) Rented a buggy too, which I parked precisely in a lot ! He laughs at me for merely being a good buggy driver. If only they make cars that small! But honestly, it has been at least 1/2 a year since I last drove, and that doesnt do wonders to your confidence.

That pretty much sums the later part of my summer hols up.