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July 8, 2007

I am tempestuous. Everything seems all fine and dandy now. Forgive, forget, we learn and move on.


How do we pick up the pieces and move on?

July 8, 2007

When the line’s been crossed, do you put a stop to it? or run away? I chose the former, I think. Either way, I’m upset. I dont know what it was that made me cry, but probably cos it really hurt. Like I was insignificant. And especially since it came from someone so dear… Never felt more alone in my life.


July 1, 2007

Female golden retriever found wandering around bkt timah estate area.

Lost doggy

Please leave behind contact in comments if she’s yours, and details such as dog’s name, age, any other special characteristics so we can verify! Alternatively you may contact the relevant authorities, we’ve filed a “found” report!


Aunty Jill found this lovely golden retriever wandering about lost in our neighbourhood, to prevent any unfortunate road accidents from happening , she’s now staying with us temporarily till the owner locates her. She’s lodged a report with the SPCA(I think), so the owners may contact her through that avenue for further information!

In the mean time, while we sure hope Doggy finds her owner soon, she’s pretty much kept well and content in our backyard. You can imagine how delighted we are with our guest. It has been some time we’ve had a dog, the last time was pet-sitting Rain, another neighbour’s small dog whilst they went overseas for a trip.