Sembawang Park
If i could paint a picture of a perfect day… It would be a nice airy morning, a cottage by the sea, and just me walking on the nice white sand along the beach, slowly feeling the warmth seeping into your toes from the sand.

mmm. I’m dreamy. and content. never been so for awhile actually, I have sorta come to understand its futile to fight against yourself, to yearn and wish that things are different. Just… go with the flow and live while you’re doing so.

And I’m glad the boy & I are good together again. The past 2 days have been a lovely traipse accross Singapore, foodie hunt to Blooie’s Roadhouse at Siglap, Beef Kway Teow at Geylang’s Lorong 9, frolicking at the peaceful Sembawang Park, borrowing books & comics from Queenstown’s library. And me going all giggly and out of character last night playing the dice game to my half a pint of Stella Artois, t’was fun, the bf has nice friends.

I finished Tuesdays with Morrie, a heartwarming book, that shares many pertinent life lessons. But I find Morrie’s philosophies on life a tad too good to be true, to me at least. Although I suppose, when you are staring at death in the face your priorities in life become totally different. I am but just your regular cynical urbane soul, filling up my life with material needs and wants, and always in pursuit of something better ahead. Lately however, life has slowed to a really comfortable pace ,owing to my lack of employment.

As usual, I’m getting restless and would love to be interning like the rest of my college mates. BUT for the fact that I have eased into this carefree lifestyle. The tension of opposites, as so aptly named in the book. But not to fret, yes, I’ll definitely keep to my promise of continuing to apply for positions and be enthusiastic about what I’m offered.


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