Little Ironies and the 1 year bash.

“i’ve alot to tell you actually, you sure you want to sleep?”
Am 1 zonked out girl. Chatted till 4am w jh last night cos he had some interesting news to share. =)Well, am really happy for him. It’s interesting how there are so many similarities in his story to mine.Maybe he can look at us and see where he’ll be in 1 year’s time. hur hur.

And the jqsr relationship turned 1 on labour day !!
We cycled at the ECP in the rain. Which sounds a tad romantic but not really, it is annoying when you are sharing the path with a hundred other cyclists, and, with the raindrops splattering into your eyes. The fun bit was clambering up the sandbar to enjoy the seabreeze, which I had abit of problems trying to get up there really. They never seemed so high when I was younger !!

On our way to Blooie’s
Dinner was at Blooie’s Roadhouse, this breezy little australian pub tucked in a residential alcove in Siglap. Lovely little place this was, serves yummilicious huuuuge burgers and other western fare. We shared Clam Chowder, NZ mussels simmered in white wine and capsicums and a Cheese Bacon Mushroom Burger. Oh, plus a lychee margarita and a hoegarden each. *smacks lips* .
Marg and Hoegarden

Then we caught Spiderman 3. Too many bad guys in the story methinks, Spidey’s spreading himself too thin. All in all, pretty much an enjoyable day.


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