Shooting Stars

Maybe its that capricornian trait of ambitiousness, or maybe its new challenges I’m seeking.
The internships I’ve applied for so far are a tad beyond my grasp, yet alluring because of that.
Fingers crossed for the best outcomes!

Speaking of which, I really really feel like taking up a new language… Its a good time as any and I should use this distraction-free week away from the bf to really plan the rest of my university coursework and read up!

    Summer Hols To Dos

1. Secure an internship ASAP.
To keep the enthusiasm burning, and show utmost discipline in not procrastinating from CV and cover letter writing!

2. Chart out Course Progression for the remaining sems

3. Explore Exchange options

4. Sign up for a foreign Language Class

5. Ensure tutee does well for SA1

6. Read the papers daily
the perennial resolution.

7. Watch lotsa DVDS

8. Maybe a holiday interspersed somewhere


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