Arctic Bananas

this came in the mail

hey there mateys,

the derek and jaime show will be on xx May two oh oh seven at Sizzlers, Suntec branch. let’s meet at xx hours at the vicinity alright? head over here to check out the menu: . there ya go! some things to note:

1. to confirm, dress code is ‘pretty damn much what you wanna wear’ (PDMWYWW).

2. a birthday card / postcard from each of you is compulsory. that’s 2 cards per head. yes, we’re sentimental buggers; yes, we’re milking the hell out of our birthdays. carpe diem! violators will pay for their own meals. and sit alone in the corner. so there!

3. i have some stuff to give out, so bring a lil bag or something. very kindergarden chic, our birthdays.

4. late comers will have to dance for us.

have a good week all, and as usual, RVSP so i know y’all read this. cheers!

with love,


From one of my favourite buddies who never fails to bring a smile to my face. Or I’d gather, on everyone’s faces when they read this invitation, so aptly titled, arctic bananas. So here’s a shoutout in kind: I’ll definitely be there , with a huge gunny sack for my share of goodies!

p.s dates and times have been changed to fend off their fanclub.

Lotsa love,


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