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April 26, 2007

the suspense is killing me. and as the days go by, hope diminishes bit by bit.
guess no matter how reluctant I am, its time to source for plan B.


Shooting Stars

April 24, 2007

Maybe its that capricornian trait of ambitiousness, or maybe its new challenges I’m seeking.
The internships I’ve applied for so far are a tad beyond my grasp, yet alluring because of that.
Fingers crossed for the best outcomes!

Speaking of which, I really really feel like taking up a new language… Its a good time as any and I should use this distraction-free week away from the bf to really plan the rest of my university coursework and read up!

    Summer Hols To Dos

1. Secure an internship ASAP.
To keep the enthusiasm burning, and show utmost discipline in not procrastinating from CV and cover letter writing!

2. Chart out Course Progression for the remaining sems

3. Explore Exchange options

4. Sign up for a foreign Language Class

5. Ensure tutee does well for SA1

6. Read the papers daily
the perennial resolution.

7. Watch lotsa DVDS

8. Maybe a holiday interspersed somewhere

Arctic Bananas

April 16, 2007

this came in the mail

hey there mateys,

the derek and jaime show will be on xx May two oh oh seven at Sizzlers, Suntec branch. let’s meet at xx hours at the vicinity alright? head over here to check out the menu: . there ya go! some things to note:

1. to confirm, dress code is ‘pretty damn much what you wanna wear’ (PDMWYWW).

2. a birthday card / postcard from each of you is compulsory. that’s 2 cards per head. yes, we’re sentimental buggers; yes, we’re milking the hell out of our birthdays. carpe diem! violators will pay for their own meals. and sit alone in the corner. so there!

3. i have some stuff to give out, so bring a lil bag or something. very kindergarden chic, our birthdays.

4. late comers will have to dance for us.

have a good week all, and as usual, RVSP so i know y’all read this. cheers!

with love,


From one of my favourite buddies who never fails to bring a smile to my face. Or I’d gather, on everyone’s faces when they read this invitation, so aptly titled, arctic bananas. So here’s a shoutout in kind: I’ll definitely be there , with a huge gunny sack for my share of goodies!

p.s dates and times have been changed to fend off their fanclub.

Lotsa love,

More 21st parties !

April 6, 2007

Clara’s at Clark Quay
Clara’s Cupcakes

I blinked in all my photos with them, sadly. oh the woe of having small eyes. =p

This year has been relatively fun, with all those 21st parties interspersed amidst all the studying and projects. These celebrations
make life a little less dreary, and they are always the perfect excuse to catch up with all your friends. Hmm… What about everyone’s sentiments about hitting the official age of adulthood? The reponses range from “No difference”, to the sobering “It’s really here, I’m not quite ready for this.” For me, its also the sobering realization that there’s so much more I have to take charge of, that I am no longer concooned in the blissful ignorance of childhood, that I should know better and be beyond the rebellious years of teenhood, and that there are so many things I’ve yet to try out. I resolve to shake off that jadedness and embrace life more fully !

Huishan and ZW’s at Cafe Del Maar
Cafe Del Maar
My lovely clique, 4th year in the running!
all the lovely ladies

I like the ambience, but the food’s not fantastic. You find yourself immersed in this surreal beachfront setting of flashing coloured lights reflecting off the palm trees, pumping house music and beautiful people. Its the epitome of casual chic, everyone dresses down , yet look hot. There was this fashion event the night we went, which also made for pretty interesting people watching. Thanks to the birthday boy and girl for the treat!