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March 25, 2007

i miss myself. i think i lost me under all those layers of stress. nothingness. temporal highs. and emptiness. yet again.



March 12, 2007

whoa. this week probably eclipses the hell wk of the whole 3 sems i’ve been here.
makes me wonder what ive been doing for the past 8 weeks? the workload’s surreal. i’m slowly clearing it bit by bit, but not fast enough before more deadlines fall into my lap.

3 presentations for tues, thurs and fri
2 midterms for tues and sat
1 make-up class on saturday, and an essay due
0 internship applications ontrac.

i’m only on firefighting mode now wo regards to the bigger picture.


March 1, 2007

Ok. Another neurotic post ahead. Its been like eons since I last exercised? To be exact, 3 weeks ago, I went swimming with JH. Then I fell sick and cancelled on him, then CNY came and he went to Malaysia to visit, then I fell sicker, and now its the time of the bloody month ! Gawd. So much for a weekly regime. I can laugh at myself now. ha ha.

Well that came when I scrutinized myself in front of the mirror just now and what I noticed wasn’t very pleasant. Unknowingly, the evil flab has crept up and taken over my thighs, tummy and butt! Save me.

ok totally bimbotic and irrelevant. but yeah. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. boo me. =(
I must start exercising again.

once the bleeding’s over.