2days more

zzz. waiting for the dear bf to call. hahah. weird. i’m just addicted, to having our nightly phone conversations before bed. its as though something’s missing if i dont get to do that.

2 days more and i hit the official age of adulthood. i’m still me, but hoping to be less of a drifter in life. Today’s FT class was a sobering one, it opened my mind and eyes as to what its really like in the corporate world. As our instructor stated, the world’s not fair. People with better looks, get ahead. People with good networking skills, get ahead. People who are able to think on their feet, to speak as though they know what they’re talking about, get ahead. Networking, politicking, image, personal branding and such.

One of the main reasons why I chose SMoo (names shall be changed to protect the innocent) was that i knew i’d undergo this sort of polishing, soft skills I know at the momment which I dont have the finesse for, and would come in really handy in the future, be it at the workplace, or just the various relationships you have with people in life.

And i guess yes, my darling self, its right about time i start planning my career. Passion, where art thou? I’ve a feeling that deep down, I might already know my calling, just refusing to accept it for the momment.


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