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the 21st bday mth

January 21, 2007

In order of recency, a happy birthday to all us january babies !

yit’s 21st

All the hot babes at yit’s 21st at 1 Rochester. It just hit me that night what an artistic, and eclectic bunch of girl friends I have.
Pq’s in theatre studies, June’s pursuing Dance at La Selle, Ng Yun’s doing Fashion Design, Haotian does modelling, Clara sings, Yit designs… heh. I sing and play the piano when i’m in a gd mood.

at elisa’s 21st

kc , me and jq at elisa’s 21st, also at 1 Rochester

21st @ Marmalade Pantry!

the girls @ marmalade pantry

My own celebration at Marmalade Pantry. Thanks to all the lovely people who came. =)


showers of blessings and love

January 13, 2007

My 21st birthday was a rainy day, and 1 which i had 6 hours of class straight. It really made me glad for the friends and loved ones around me. =) All the well-wishes, thanks dearies. Loveya all lots!

Shopping tog for my present was amusing too, because at my insistence i had wanted the gift to be a surprise. Yet he wanted to be sure that i’d like what he bought, so the guy went to recce ard raffles city and picked out a few items which he showed me today. Really appreciated the efforts he went through, he really pampers me. Although i eventually chose a lovely navy blue handbag that wasnt among his initial choices, I guess we were both happy. I never wanted him to spend a bomb for my birthday, I wont feel good doing so, especially not when he’s not earning an income. We’re still students after-all, there’s no need to be unecessarily extragant!

Due to inclement weather, the bf’s initial “surprise” dinner venue, Olio at Labrador Park had to be cancelled and we went to Greenwood Fish Market instead. I hereby declare their fish and chips the best ever! Altogether we also ordered softshell crab pasta, grilled portobello mushrooms and 1 oyster each. Its my first time having oysters voluntarily, I’ve always detested shell-fish. (though my grp was assigned to by shell fish gatherers in class today, and i think that inspired me to try sth new) Found the oysters really good. shiok. His was prepared with sweet thai chilli ,while mine had bacon bits and shallots. I’ve always hated eating shell-fish because I never liked the fishy after-taste, but today I realized it wasnt so bad after-all if 1) its fresh 2) well-prepared. But the oysters were really fresh, and the sauce treatment removed the fishy aftertaste, such that it tasted real good and suitably succulent. Something tells me that i’ll be eating oysters the next time I visit there !

2days more

January 10, 2007

zzz. waiting for the dear bf to call. hahah. weird. i’m just addicted, to having our nightly phone conversations before bed. its as though something’s missing if i dont get to do that.

2 days more and i hit the official age of adulthood. i’m still me, but hoping to be less of a drifter in life. Today’s FT class was a sobering one, it opened my mind and eyes as to what its really like in the corporate world. As our instructor stated, the world’s not fair. People with better looks, get ahead. People with good networking skills, get ahead. People who are able to think on their feet, to speak as though they know what they’re talking about, get ahead. Networking, politicking, image, personal branding and such.

One of the main reasons why I chose SMoo (names shall be changed to protect the innocent) was that i knew i’d undergo this sort of polishing, soft skills I know at the momment which I dont have the finesse for, and would come in really handy in the future, be it at the workplace, or just the various relationships you have with people in life.

And i guess yes, my darling self, its right about time i start planning my career. Passion, where art thou? I’ve a feeling that deep down, I might already know my calling, just refusing to accept it for the momment.