and he was called home to be with the lord on christmas day

My ah gong passed away tdy. I think it finally hit me when I reached home after the wake, only then I allowed myself to cry. Felt pretty detatched from the whole proceedings at the funeral, I didnt shed any tears there, was just somewhat stoned.

He’s 90, seen alot, led a fulfilling life and contributed to the Hokkien community back in those years. He nearly left us when I was in J1, but he fought on till today. At least he looked at peace lying in the coffin. I was glad for the fact that i had visited him before I left for shanghai, at least he was able to talk to me then. Although his condition had taken a turn for the worse the day before- he wasnt able to move his limbs, but his voice was loud and strong as always.

They distributed the mourning clothes to the entire family. Why do we wear white and black? I wouldnt want white and black, its too depressing. Spent the rest of my time folding paper ingots. There were a few bags full, I think they wanted more, he’s gonna be a rich man, whereever he’s going… Rest in peace, ah gong, you’re finally reuniting with ah mah.


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