The waters return to their beguiling calm, after the storm.
Today’s alright, woke up feeling at peace with myself. The short trip to the YMCA to collect the children’s storybooks left me feeling exausted, I went home and KO-ed on the couch right after. Probably the time of the month approaching again. Darn, it just HAS to hit me when I am going overseas.

Met the clique in town for dinner, its always nice hanging out and catching up with them, relishing that familial comfort. Dinner wasn’t fantastic but the company more than made up for it. jh really says the funniest of things, we always end up laughing ourselves silly. zw sure went through some exciting adventures with the navy, one of the latest being the jungle survival stint. He had to kill and skin a live quail, then barbecue it after. erps. But it sure got me thinking, should there come a day when we are stripped off all our comforts and left with the mere basics of survival, would I bear to do the same? I shudder at the thought, I’d probably starve to death. hc’s found himself a somewhat fulfiling post-army life- working at geox, giving tuition and finding the time to go for carolling practises, and riding lessons. I respect that guy really, always so level-headed and driven, he’ll definitely go far. shaun’s still the same with the lame humour and shopping tendencies. jy looked kinda worn after all that mugging, but she’s still as chirpy as ever. Pity the other girls couldnt come and join us!

We chilled out at rouge’s outdoor cafe after. Loved the music from acid bar, as usual. The vocalist’s damn good. I love her voice ! Everybody go listen on friday nights at acid bar ! Funny thing was, while in the past we were always eager to bring on the alcohol, today, EVERYONE ordered smoothies and mocktails and ale. I think we’ve all mellowed somewhat.


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